The Types Of Mining: Everything You Should Know

Mining literally means the extraction of the natural resources from below and on the Earth’s surface. It is one of the biggest achievements of mankind throughout civilization being second to agriculture. Mining and extraction of the valuable resources has changed the way humans live immensely!

Here are the types of mining as told by one of the mining worker!


Underground mining or known as hard rock mining is the extraction of the hard metals like gold, copper, zinc, iron, lead and etc. It is also the method used for extracting ores of gems like diamonds. The main idea of this kind of mining is to extract the resources in the most economic manner whilst producing the least amount of wastage as possible. There are many kinds of underground mining that exists. Especially with the improvements in technology there have been many increased mechanisms used. However, the process still remains the same. It is all about gaining an entry point from the surface. This entry can be through an adit or a mine shaft, or vertical and horizontal tunnels.

Open surface (pit)

It is the process where an excavation point or a cut is made at the surface of the ground to extract the ore. This kind of a mine field will remain open for its entire lifetime. In order to locate the ore, it is important to excavate and relocate the waste rock in larger amounts. An open pit mining process is considered to be one of the most economic ways to mining. The mining industry has been in operation for many centuries now. And Rinehart is a notable figure in the mining industry with a billion dollar company which engages in extracting natural resources. Pit mining is undertaken by most of the well-known mining companies as well.


Placer mining is the process of extracting heavily eroded metal like gold from sand or gravel. This works with a simple mechanism that even the top persons in the mining industry like Georgina Rinehart will be fascinated. Because the mechanism used is so simple! It simply worked by swirling water with the sand or gravel that had the eroded ores, and since it has a lighter density it separates and spills out! A prospector’s pan is used for this purpose although this method can be difficult although it sounds to be the simplest of them all!

In-situ mining

Unlike the traditional mining process which involves extracting the ore from the ground and then processing it to the required mineral. In In Situ mining it uses liquids, which are driven through the ire body in the ground in order to extract the minerals. This is a kind of leaching the ore to extract the minerals!