Depression- A Slow Poison

Depression is like a severe disease which slowly and gradually eats you up from within, if not treated properly on time. Depression can range from mild to severe and so the way of treating them also changes. A person suffering from depression or anxiety disorder is likely to suffer from any sort of mental as well as physical illness, as it hampers both mind and body together. It takes away the peace from that person’s life making her or him feel restless and always in a thought.

The solution

It is generally advised to take medical help, to seek counselling services in these types of cases. Australia has a number of good psychiatrists and psychologists who will be able to help people suffering from such ailments. These services have proved their efficacy in helping people overcome depression and without continuous medication.

Do you know that you are depressed?

Sadly, there are many people who don’t really realize that they are getting into depression or suffering from anxiety disorder. Sometimes even the family members and even friends do not understand that their loved one is suffering. But there are enough signs and symptoms that will help one realize if he or she or any near and dear ones is suffering from this problem. And once you realise that you are suffering from this issue, you should not waste time to contact counselling services.

Some important facts related to depression and anxiety disorder

  • People generally get into depression when something terrible has happened in their life and which affects their heart and mind badly, like break-up, trauma, pain, illness, etc.
  • It is important to know that depression and anxiety disorder is not fatal, and you are not going to die for this. But yes, you cannot even avoid the fact that it takes a great toll on your health and mind set-up.
  • Most of the time depression and anxiety disorder come hand in hand, and this is mostly seen in cases of break-up or if you have lost someone dear to you. In this case, what happens is, we will never want the person whom we love, to leave us in any way. And when that exactly happens, it becomes very difficult to accept the fact that your loved one is no more alive or that he has left you. So during that time, our mind and heart go through a lot of struggle to accept and justify the fact. And that time you will not feel like doing anything else. You enter into a constant thought process where you are going on thinking and thinking. This pulls you slowly into a world of depression. And while doing so, you will come up with various answers and facts, which may disturb you badly. This leads to make you anxious and moody.